Communication and Content

When you take the time to listen and understand a client, their business and their needs, the landscape and everything in between, you can communicate effectively. Getting the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channel puts you in the best position to capitalise on every opportunity. And that means success. Every time.


When it comes to communication, the NTWRK team love everything about it. We know that listening leads to understanding. And that leads to identifying wants and needs for your business. As experts in marketing – and many things in between – we take the time to understand your business, so we know exactly what needs to be done and the best way to get it done. Just ask some of our clients.

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The Content Wheel

Here at NTWRK, we love content, so we created a formulae unique to us. We call it ‘the content wheel’. Based on a four-step process, we use it to identify, create, amplify and evaluate every content piece or campaign we generate. It makes our content process fail proof.


The first step in generating quality content is understanding what is out there, what is needed and what will position your brand in the right light.


Once we have identified what the content will be based on, the qualitative and quantitative research, NTWRK takes the time to plan the medium. That’s anything from an infographic to a series of articles and everything in between.


Everything is ready to go. The theme pillars are ticked off, the series of content is ready. Time to push the content into the channels, amplify the message (maybe with some paid media behind it), boost the content and generate quality cut through.


The final stage of the process is to constantly evaluate and optimise with quantitative and qualitative data and analytics. It tells us exactly what worked, what to change, what to do more of and what to do again. It is our way of being transparent, no glammed-up success presentations – just evidence through data.



We are a global team who just love to write. Stories, case studies, social media posts, website copy, advertisements, strategies. We love telling a story – or even putting together a sentence – that is captivating, engaging and enticing. It is words that work together so well, the audience wants to read on, click through or engage with your brand. Copy has the power to build trust, likeability and connection to a brand. Just like that.

Communication Strategy

The Songbook

Music sounds so much better when everyone sings the right words, in unison. Communication is no different. To communicate effectively with your clients, NTWRK knows everyone, from the client through to the team implementing the strategy, needs to be on the same page. Literally.

From the beginning, to the end

Our communication strategies take into consideration every factor that makes implementation and evaluation successful. We have put it, quite simply, into three focus points. The beginning, the middle and the end.

The End

Sometimes finishing the journey as strong as it started, is the most important part. Looking at where you’ve been, the measurable objectives set out in the beginning and using quality evaluation tools at the finish are important factors. Here at NTWRK, we monitor the campaign throughout its journey so when it is evaluated at the end, we know we have maximised opportunity for success. A communications strategy that is outcome driven means a win every time - that is, likeability and connection to a brand. Boom.

Brand Communication

Your brand

Clever brand communication is all about informing, persuading, enlightening, teaching or reminding your customers about your brand. Quality brand communication strengthens your brand perception, its values, fundamentals and product and service offerings. We know which tools make this a successful process, every time. Listening and understanding your customer along with why they make the decisions they do, are all vital aspects of the brand communication we develop.

Brand Strategy

An outstanding brand strategy is now just as much about the consumer as it is about the brand itself. Taking the time to listen and understand your consumers means you can understand what the brand should look, feel and act like, to get the right people honestly and authentically engaged. The NTWRK difference matches the true value of your product with the story that you tell. It is about showing your customers the analytical data and adding in a little magic, to get a brand strategy that is simply perfection.

Needs and behaviours

We know that people are driven by both rational and irrational decision-making processes. We spend time observing their behaviours and looking for trends because when we understand the decisions they make and why, we can target the data for the most effective decisions each time.

Persona development

It is a key component to product success. Driving design decisions by taking user needs and behaviours and bringing them to the forefront of planning provides, key understanding of user activity. So, what does that mean? We create a fictional representation of your audience, so you not only understand their needs and wants, but what really drives their decision-making process.

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