Customer and Strategy

The greater the understanding of your customers and their business, the better chance of capitalising on every opportunity, every time. Not all customers are the same, different markets and different industries, need different approaches. NTWRK combines deep understanding with innovative techniques that offer insight into their needs and behaviours. Audience segmentation, advanced analytics, building consumer journey maps and developing key audience personas all lead to building an accurate brand strategy that revolves around understanding. We create a value proposition too hard to refuse. Win, win.


Because we take the time to listen. Sounds simple but listening leads to understanding. And we really love data. We combine clear understanding and analytical data, to create highly accurate strategies to capitalise on every opportunity. It is why NTWRK has helped grow the bottom lines of some of our client’s businesses by over 3000% in only nine months. We have developed personas, formulated brand strategies and tapped into consumer segments using out of the box methods that offer proven results. And we are just getting started.

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Brand Strategy

An outstanding brand strategy is now just as much about the consumer as it is about the brand itself. Taking the time to listen and understand your consumers means you can understand what the brand should look, feel and act like to get the right people honestly and authentically engaged. The NTWRK difference matches the true value of your product with the story you tell. It is about showing your customers the analytical data and adding in a little magic, to get a brand strategy that is simply perfection.

Needs & Behaviours

We know that people are driven by both rational and irrational decision-making processes so we understand the importance of spending time to observe their behaviours and look for trends. When we understand their decisions, we target the data to make the most effective decisions each time.

Persona Development

It is a key component to product success. Driving design decisions by taking user needs and behaviours and bringing them to the forefront of planning, provides a key understanding of user activity. So, what does that mean? We create a fictional representation of your audience, so you not only understand their needs and wants, but what really drives their decision. This gives us an in-depth look, so we see their next move before they have even thought of it.

Quantitative & Qualitative


It is what you get with NTWRK. We’re a talented, global team with a range of capabilities and experience in Communication and Content, PR and Reputation Management, Technology and Analytical Data, Design, Customer and User Experience – just to name a few.

Audience Segmentation

The best way to understand who your next client will be, is through identifying their needs and behaviours and using advanced analytics and segmentation. Sometimes it is just about having the knowledge and insights second to none. At NTWRK, that is what we do.

Customer Journey Mapping

Building a business’ bottom line starts with understanding buyer behaviour, needs and wants. It is no longer just about conversion touchpoints. At NTWRK we take the time to step through the brand process to really understand the movements and habits of the consumer, from persona development to communication and content planning, right through to creating the right brand strategy.

Opportunity Capitalisation

Value Proposition

The NTWRK analysis strategies focus on data that drives effective decisions. Innovative techniques for data directly relating to product and process improvements, generating profits and building relationships, means spending time on opportunities that generate success.

Advanced Analytics

Understanding how your connection with your target audience, their likes and dislikes, how and why they engage with a brand – we want to know it all. The advanced analytics of quantitative data paints the picture with solid evidence. We love true facts and figures because it means we always know how a campaign is tracking and can make adjustments to optimise and deliver the desired results.

Communication and Content Planning

Bring your story to life with real data, in an authentic way, connecting your audience with your brand. Getting the right message to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel, adds the right kind of value to your consumer. And that creates a connection that puts your brand first. Every time.

Ecosystem Strategy

Just like the fragility of the marine ecosystem depends on all elements working cohesively together to truly flourish, so too does your business. NTWRK understands to drive the results you want, the ecosystem strategy is about more than just the digital pieces. It is about taking a holistic approach so all the marketing elements work seamlessly together, creating a perfectly balanced ecosystem.


Big Idea Campaign Development

With so many different channels and messages in the digital age, it can be hard to cut through the clutter. We don’t just help you get cut through, we help you make a bang that is truly memorable. The ‘experience idea’ is about understanding the overarching message that resonates with your audience and translates across all mediums and channels for maximum impact. Let’s take it a step further though and link it to the campaign objective, so it is measurable too. Tick.

Service Design Strategy

We take a proactive approach so you are always on the front foot and in the know. NTWRK uses thought leadership and innovative design, along with consistency to deliver outcomes aligned to the strategy.

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