Experience and Design

Delivering your customers a world class experience takes a level of thinking that puts humans first. A holistic approach to why, how and what your customer thinks, feels, wants and needs, from their first interaction with your brand to the last. At NTWRK, holistic is what we do.


Being a digital marketing agency, you may think NTWRK is only about the online space. Yes, we love the digital world, but we understand that positioning your brand in the digital space is only one element to any quality marketing campaign. To really achieve success for a brand, NTWRK takes a holistic approach, focused on Human Centred Design – putting people at the centre of everything we do. Combining the quantitative data of the digital space and the qualitative data of the offline world, gives us the best understanding of why, how and what your customer thinks, feels, wants and needs, from their first interaction with your brand, right through to the last. Now that is clever marketing.

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Human Centred Design

So, what is Human Centred Design? It is the creative process behind everything we do. It starts with the end user in mind and finishes with holistic solutions and strategies, specific for the customer. Taking the time to understand the customer and their business, means the solutions we create are spot on. Then we get the rest of the formulae right too, so that end solution is targeted to the right audience for amplification. It is identifying gaps and opportunities. And that makes for a successful campaign. Every time.

Customer Centricity

When it comes to putting together a strategy, a campaign - or even a sentence – we know having the customer and their brand front of mind in everything we do, leads to success. From the Customer Experience to the User Experience, User Interface and all brand activities in between, we centre everything around the customer.

Customer Experience (CX)

With CX a leading way to differentiate a brand these days, every interaction and digital touchpoint a customer or potential customer has with your brand, leads to their overall Customer Experience (CX). So, when we are building, enhancing or amplifying a brand, outstanding CX is vital – especially in an area with so much competition.

User Experience (UE)

When we humans use a website, product or service that makes life easy, we instantly feel a greater connection with the brand responsible for it. User Experience (UE) is the broad term us marketers use to study the effect of design, service or product for a customer. While it might seem crazy to try and please everyone, user testing goes a long way to satisfying your customers and potential customers with your offering and building trust in a brand.

User Interface (UI)

Always have the customer front of mind – it is true for brand and communication strategies, paid media, content creation - and everything in between. At NTWRK, holistic is what we do and digital is one of our passions. Making your website and digital brand easy for customer interaction is one of the most important parts of the customer journey. It means the ‘usability’, or interaction, between computer and human needs to be simple, easy and enjoyable. Just like that.

Brand Experience

We know every interaction a customer or potential customer has with your brand, leaves an impression. That is why everything we do, has the customer and brand at the centre. Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing Campaign, Social Media Campaign, even content creation goes through the human centred design thinking process, to make sure we have it exactly right – every time.

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