Public Relations & Brand Reputation

Get your brand out there. Get it up and running, recognised in the industry, seen by potential clients and validated by current ones. Quality Public Relations (PR) that creates a bang, means you can build an entire brand presence, use influencers to make it heard, launch a product with a modest budget and stop issues in their tracks.


Here at NTWRK, we do PR a little differently. We take the time to listen. We look around – at us, you, competitors and the industry. We leverage relationships. We use decades of PR experience and combine it with new and innovative technology, to create something that resonates. We understand what works – and that sometimes it doesn’t – and we keep at it to get the results you need.

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Content and PR go hand in hand. It has the power to create a talking point and put the emphasis on a key message. It can be one of the most important parts in the PR process.

The content wheel

Here at NTWRK, we love content, so we created a formulae unique to us. We call it ‘the content wheel’. Based on a four-step process, we use it to identify, create, amplify and evaluate every content piece or campaign we generate. It makes our content process fail proof.


The first step in generating quality content is understanding what is out there, what is needed and what will position your brand in the right light.


Once we have identified what the content will be based on, the qualitative and quantitative research, NTWRK takes the time to plan the medium. That’s anything from an infographic to a series of articles and everything in between.


Everything is ready to go. The theme pillars are ticked off, the series of content is ready. Time to push the content into the channels, amplify the message (maybe with some paid media behind it), boost the content and generate quality cut through.


The final stage of the process is to constantly evaluate and optimise with quantitative and qualitative data and analytics. It tells us exactly what worked, what to change, what to do more of and what to do again. It is our way of being transparent, no glammed-up success presentations – just evidence through data


Outcome driven

Outcomes – they are what we do. Once we know where we are going and what needs to happen to get there – we can tap into who it is that will help us get there. It is the sheer joy that is influencer marketing – leveraging trusted partners to access their audiences.

Creating a connection

A key component to any successful PR campaign or content piece is creating a connection with the audience. Using influencers to build trust in and a connection to your brand has proven results. And that is something we love.

Brand Strategy

An outstanding brand strategy is just as much about the consumer as it is about the brand itself. So, who do your customers listen to? Influencers help build a connection and trust in the brand that moves you from vague awareness to solid acquisition.


Identify the key factors

When it comes to launching a product or event, planning is the key. Understanding all the key factors that will influence the outcome, need to be taken into consideration. NTWRK looks at them all - time, landscape, competitors, industry, global events.

Plan it all out

It sounds a little beige, but the key to a successful campaign is planning. Details and planning, planning and details. This leads to a successful launch.

Make it heard

Sometimes the most effective way to showcase your brand and build your reputation is simply making a big bang, splash or boom - with a launch. Be it an animation splashed over social media channels, getting the right stakeholders in the room for an unveiling or interviewing an industry leader in a publication with a readership over half a million. Sound, colour and movement are perfect for attention grabbing, so let’s find the right channel to scream it from the top of the mountains, when everyone is listening.


Add it to the mix

Our team at NTWRK know that a holistic approach is a proven winner. Just doing PR is great and when it’s done well, it offers some vibrant colour and movement to a brand. Combine it with the other elements of marketing and digital though and you create fireworks. And who doesn’t love fireworks?

Issues Management

The four steps of issues management

When it comes to issues management, NTWRK follows four simple steps to make sure issues are quickly squashed. By analysing the landscape, we understand the situation and all that happens around us, we implement then evaluate the best approach to protect – and even enhance - your brand.

Understanding the landscape

When it comes to issues, it is vital to take the first step of understanding the landscape. Knowing everything that is going on internally and externally, means we can analyse the situation and come up with the most appropriate plan to manage the issue.

Proactive vs Reactive

Sometimes it is best to manage an issue as it comes to hand. Other times, it’s better to push out a proactive story, building positive brand awareness and trust over time. We make sure we use the right approach so brand damage is just a bad dream.

Squash the issue

In the world of news, nothing beats negativity for selling a story. Quality PR replaces those negative issues with consistent, controlled and positive message - and squashes an issue before it becomes a headline.

Protect your brand

Or rather, an ongoing commitment to building brand trust. Sure, we can manage issues as they arise, but nothing will squash an issue – and enhance your reputation - like having a likeable and trustworthy brand. So, let’s chat.

Reputation Enhancement

Resonate and Connect

When it comes to creating connections, it is what we do best. In all aspects of the NTWRK brand, we take the time to listen, understand and connect. We know the power of getting the right message, in the right channel, at the right time, to the right audience is key to building audience connection. And that is what we do.

Build Trust

Delivering a relevant message to the right audience is a big tick towards building trust. Showing them you understand and finding a point of connection. Here at NTWRK we know trust is a core value – for us and our clients. Trust leads to loyalty, which in turn leads to effective reputation enhancement opportunities. Simple.

Make a bang, splash or boom

Sometimes the most effective way to showcase your brand and build your reputation is simply making a big bang, splash or boom. Sound, colour and movement are perfect for attention grabbing, so let’s scream it from the top of the mountains when everyone is listening, together.

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