Technology and Data

With the consumer marketing space so heavily populated, coming up with new, bright and innovative marketing concepts that stand out can be tricky. Enter the world of combining technology, marketing, automation and quantitative data. With the inclusion of Martech, Adtech and cloud marketing partnerships, the customer journey is becoming easier to map thanks to automation. At NTWRK, we have some incredible partnerships. We focus on implementation, execution and ongoing optimisation to maximise return on investment (ROI) for our clients, all while providing exceptional experiences for our customers and their brands.


As a digital marketing agency, NTWRK is global, connected and in the know. We work with marketing and ad tech partners to create seamless automated experiences that accurately analyse, assess, determine and master the art of efficient and sophisticated marketing. We also know that maximising ROI in the marketing space can be challenging. With clever automation and trusted partnerships in big player platforms such as Adobe, Google, Oracle and Salesforce, we know how to get the best out of automating processes. It means your ad serving, email and analytics platforms, optimisation points and offline sales measures are so pin point accurate they hit the mark, every time. It makes the customer journey insightful, efficient and exceptional. Boom.

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NTWRK Partners

When it comes to success, well placed and well executed marketing is key. Through clever automation, we capture the right data, so the right outcome-driven processes are put in place. We capitalise on this through our partnerships with Adobe, Google, Oracle and Salesforce. Through these partners and clever automation, we really know how to identify and nurture leads that convert. Our partnerships put NTWRK at the forefront of creating cut-through campaigns so you and your brand stand out. Whether it is Advertising, Analytics, Content, Email, Optimisation or Personalisation, our experience in using and maximising our partnerships, means we understand who, when and how to talk to our audience. Now that is a winning combination.


Sometimes working out which parts of the customer journey to automate can be difficult. Is it about measuring the success of carefully placed advertisements through ad serving or should the email, social media and content platforms be added to the mix? Does the focus need to be on measuring one platform or multiple, are sales online or offline or are we optimising to a completely different set of data points? Our global team of tech gurus and marketers focus on the end to end customer journey, so all elements of the journey are explored before an automated approach is considered for each customer and their unique journey.

NTWRK Seamless Automated Solutions

We know the right partnerships lead to individualised, one-to-one marketing. To deliver an exceptional and efficient customer experience, personalisation is the key. Understanding the decisions, behaviour and needs of each customer – using individualised marketing – aims to use data that will create a seamless automated solution. Knowing the customer leads to an in depth understanding of their actions, and in turn, leads to automation of process parts, such as audience segmentation, advanced analytics, testing, campaign management, e-commerce and email management and self-service platforms leading to more accurate campaigns that reach, connect and resonate.


Adobe Marketing Cloud

With our focus on the end to end customer journey, Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of NTWRK’s key partners in our recipe for success. From insights via Adobe Analytics (Omniture) and Adobe Target for personalisation to Adobe Campaign to effectively visualise and manage the customer journey execution, this quality partnership leads to a win for us and our customers.

Google Marketing Platform

When it comes to getting the right formulae to efficiently analyse all the information needed for smarter, faster and more effective marketing, you can’t go past the NTWRK and Google Marketing Platform partnership. As a results-driven, global digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of having advanced analytical tools such as Data Studio, Optimisation, Tag Manager and Search Ads 360, available to cement our understanding of our customers and their brand. It is just another reason we deliver a holistic customer experience that is second to none.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

The partnership between Oracle and NTWRK leads to fast, effective, efficient and down-right smart marketing outcomes. Focusing on every touch point a potential customer or customer has with your brand, this partnership makes sure that every interaction is a moment in truth, or connection with your brand that resonates. Exceptional automation, clever interaction, engaging experience. Isn’t that what we all want from a marketing agency?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Clever partnerships lead to clever automated process and that leads to clever outcome driven marketing. Partnering with Salesforce means NTWRK’s customer relationship management platform offers greater opportunity for acquiring and nurturing quality customers, building trust and likeability towards your brand. And as a global, connected agency, that is what we strive for, day in day out.


Marketing Automation


Ever wonder how the advertisements in your online activity are something interesting? They are usually so compelling, they provoke engagement. That is the wonderful art of Ad Serving, the technology and service placing advertisements on websites. At NTWRK, we know it is a vital part of the end to end customer journey. We take the time to listen, to analyse and to take a holistic approach in everything we do, to truly understand the customer and their brand. And because we do what we do, we use Ad Serving so we know every campaign we work on is totally outcome driven. Boom.


Taking the time to understand everything about your customer, their behaviour, needs, wants and patterns can be overwhelming with the amount of data available. Then add in how to interpret it to understand exactly what you need and it may be that it doesn’t work at all. But NTWRK knows the analytics platforms that offer a unified, quality solution designed specifically to understand the user and their needs, so every piece of analytical data offers exactly what it needs to. That is the NTWRK difference.


When we aim to optimise the user experience or drive website traffic, the ecommerce space is the place to be. The shopping experience online today is about so much more than just the shopping cart. It is about bringing together every part of the shopping process and turning it into an experience. And that is where the NTWRK and marketing cloud partnerships, come into play. Order and inventory management, connected platforms for email, acquisition and social, all intertwine to create seamless ecommerce experiences that keep consumers returning.

Content Management

Managing the content that influences your brand quickly, efficiently and successfully, flowing across many different channels, requires the use of a quality content management system (CMS). Getting the right CMS on board, means a quick and accurate response, making every interaction a step in the right direction towards building trust in a brand. With an effective CMS, NTWRK will help you truly engage your audience through a personalised process based on efficient creation, management and execution over many different channels. Just another reason why NTWRK are such a talented bunch of marketers.

Data Management

When it comes to analysing data, we know the more in depth we go, the better the picture we get. But it is just as important to analyse the right information, so the picture is clear. NTWRK uses advanced analytic techniques ranging all the way from text mining, pattern matching and forecasting, to visualisation, multivariate statistics and graph analysis, just to name a few. Whatever it takes to get all the picture you need, NTWRK knows the right advanced analytics combination to paint it.

Data Management Platforms

As consumer digital footprint expands, so too does the amount of data we generate. While we love data telling us about the customer, it is important we filter what we find. Using the right platform gives us a clearer picture of the target audience. Data Management Platforms (DMP) and their ability to effectively filter collected data, have become a key tool in the success of every marketing campaign. With a key focus on understanding our clients and their brands, NTWRK knows how important it is to use data to do this. It is just another reason NTWRK is changing the game of marketing.

Email Marketing

Whether it is brand awareness, engagement or the acquisition phase, sometimes a simple inbox reminder can generate a high-quality conversion. Capitalising on the talents of email platforms, demonstrates to the customer your understanding of them and their business, leading to trust, likeability of brand and action. And after all, that is exactly what we want to achieve.

If you know exactly what makes your customer tick, the chance of successful email click through increases dramatically. So, what makes your brand – and email – stand out? Dynamic content, the right call to action, the header and the subject, it all plays a part. Be it an email to stop an abandoned shopping cart or product recommendations, NTWRK and our partnerships can help you get the most out of your customers’ inbox.


Every interaction a customer has with a brand, plays a part in forming their relationship with that brand. With only 3% conversion rate from click throughs, NTWRK knows the importance of making every interaction count to accurately track revenue generated, not just clicks. Using our three-step process, of creation, optimisation and personalisation, we get a true understanding of the customer journey. The buyer personas and audience segmentation, means creating a personalised opportunity for connection and therefore optimisation. Every time.


As we move into an increasingly digital world, the meaning of personalisation shifts. Last decade, personalisation was walking into your local fish and chip shop and the owner knowing your name. Now, personalisation is a business knowing what you want to buy, even before you do – and that is an incredibly powerful tool. NTWRK loves personalisation. It means we show up at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, saying the right thing. A rich, meaningful experience like that builds trust. And that leads to results. Tick.

Pay Per Click Management

A great way to see how your digital footprint is tracking. But how does that translate across an entire advertising campaign, not just online? As an ad buying solution, PPC provides clear picture in media planning and execution. Using our partnership with big player cloud marketers NTWRK can help you unite TV, social, SEO and display all into a single platform. So you will always find the best way to deliver your target audience content that connects and resonates. Every time.

Social Management

Social media has fast become a critical part in any marketing campaign. With the millions of people using social media each day, the opportunity to offer tailored advertising and push messaging, and generate palatable data is a marketer’s dream. We love all things social too – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, the list goes on, for this very reason. Couple our expertise in the digital marketing with our superior ability to understand our clients and their brands, then add in our first-class knowledge of social media platforms and you can’t go past a NTWRK campaign for success.

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