Web Content Restructuring

Scope Involved
  • Content reassessment and restructuring

Expanding the world of IT management

With the layout of the new website set into motion, we then took a look at the content that CIT was delivering to their clients. In order to do justice to the scale of expertise that CIT had backing their business, we set into motion some intensive content restructuring.

We focused our attentions on optimising content to matching searchers’ intent and fleshing out the foundations of CIT’s service pool. In addition to copywriting, we completed thorough SEO research in order to understand the keywords demand of customers. With some additional padding added to their website content, we further focused our efforts on improving the CTA placement of the website.

Previously, CIT’s outreach was limited to their Contact Us page, which we found to be in dire need of a revamp.



We designed the new CTA layout to cater to driving customer and lead conversion and engagement.

Each page was carefully curated to include CTA buttons and banners as intuitive conversion points to ease their customers’ access points to CIT.

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