Paid Media

Scope Involved
  • Google AdWords Campaign
  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Bing Search

A paid media strategy with a huge pay off

Throughout the first phase, NTWRK turned their attention to a Google AdWords campaign, an approach used unsuccessfully by the previous agency and focused on Attribution and Reporting. By breaking down campaign keywords into more targeted campaign groups and improving ad relevancy by refining ad copies, headlines, and display URL path, we brought quality traffic to DH’s website and improved overall reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

Google AdWords campaign snapshot

February 2019

  • 508.23 %
    Reach increased by
  • 56.81 %
    Impression share increased by
  • 716.29 %
    Engagement up
  • 34.21 %
    Engagement rate up
  • 149.68 %
    Conversions increased by
  • 137.17 %
    Conversion rate increased by

As they investigated the analytics of the campaign, NTWRK continued to provide data transparency with DH and then together, they took the time to understand the data – identifying where the opportunities were to target new business leads. In this short amount of time, the exponential growth achieved by the business was outstanding.

In line with NTWRK’s paid media strategy, they continued to provide DH with social media campaign optimisation through A/B testing on ad format and ad types, audience (custom, remarketing, and look-alike) targeting, target audience optimisation on basis of campaign and ad-level performance, and bid strategy optimisation and lead-driven campaigns.

Darryl built trust in the NTWRK team as revenue continued to grow. As a result, the NTWRK team understood the right fit in potential customers. Darryl’s uptake, in less than a year included not only Google AdWords campaign but also Google Display advertising which resulted in monthly sessions increase from an average of 4,000 to an average of 10,000, and helped built brand awareness across the display network.

In November 2018, we also extended paid media campaigns to Bing Search which resulted in an average conversion rate of 10%.

Google Analytics (Paid Media Only)

February 2019

  • 709.95 %
    Sessions increased by
  • 592.33 %
    Pageviews increased by
  • 36.64 %
    Avg. Time on Page increased by
  • 138.14 %
    Conversions increased by
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