Search Engine Optimisation

Scope Involved
  • Website audit
  • Pruning WordPress index pages and e-commerce pages
  • Keyword research and content writing

SEO paving the way to better lead generation and user experience

With the business relying mainly on its website for lead generation, the NTWRK team turned their attention to examining its performance. The goal was to identify areas of improvement in site usability and user experience which will ensure Darryl’s business achieves the growth it had planned.

NTWRK came up with a comprehensive SEO strategy spanning three phases: pre-revamp, revamp, and post-revamp. In the first phase, technical, user experience, and content audits carried out uncovered several key areas that needed to be addressed with urgency. They were:

  • Poor site speed performance that affected ranking in mobile indexing and bounce rate
  • Indexation of directory pages
  • Pages were not conversion-focussed due to omission of above the fold call-to-action (CTA) and value proposition
  • Content were thin and were misaligned to searcher intent

Once these issues have been identified, the SEO team at NTWRK, along with experts from their digital strategy, content, and web development teams, furnished detailed recommendations for rectification in the revamp phase. They include:

  • On-page optimisation recommendations for page layout/UX and new copies aligned to searcher intent
  • Proposals for modified site structure comprising of hierarchy and URL structure

The team also provided DH with a with quick win by pruning WordPress index pages and e-commerce pages identified in the pre-revamp phase. These pages posed a threat to site security {only directory pages} and were identified as low-quality pages that failed to answer the implied queries of potential customers.

As part of NTWRK’s ongoing SEO strategy for DH, the team provided continuous monitoring and optimisation of page speed, site traffic, and landing page conversions in the post-revamp phase.

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