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Laying the foundations of floating solar

Due to the specialised nature of FloatPac expertise in the industry, much of their efforts in innovating sustainable solar power solutions had previously gone unexplored with depth.

As part of the NTWRK strategy plan, we communicated closely with Gavin to get a stronger grasp on the industries FloatPac serves. We made a thorough exploration into industries like dairy, mining, winery, and water management, where floating solar plays a strong and beneficial role as a sustainable and efficient source of energy.

Enter FloatPac’s floating solar panels, a cut above in clean energy. After intensive discussion with Gavin, we recognised that as a trailblazer business, FloatPac needed to be delivering the right kind of hard-hitting content to the industry. We compiled a series of six articles, each carefully curated to explore floating solar and the many industries it benefits.

FloatPac’s diverse range of services and products are designed with sustainability in mind. With its dedication to creating solutions for generating clean energy, FloatPac takes into account the common challenges faced by Australia’s ranging industries on a daily basis.

Our primary focus included industries like:

  • Dairy
  • Mining
  • Winery
  • Water management

With thorough research and data backing our content, we first produced articles that introduced the concept of floating solar panels and its myriad of benefits. Due to the space-saving nature and reduced carbon footprint of floating solar, we emphasised its position as an ideal alternative for local Australian industries looking for ways to tackle key issues like evaporation and algae bloom in their water sources.

By addressing some of the vital challenges faced by industries around Australia, we drew in the attention of businesses looking to step further into the future with clean and sustainable energy. From these quality content pieces, FloatPac saw a swell in their engagement and click-through rates in just three months. By taking the time to truly understand their business, we were able to appeal to FloatPac’s niche audience and deliver the engagement numbers they were looking for.

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