Real Time Reporting

Scope Involved
  • Content Analytics Dashboard

Amazing results in just three months

To meet Floatpac’s desired objective, NTWRK tapped into the expertise of our paid media specialists. The team concluded that the best course of action was to create a customised content analytics dashboard. Unique to NTWRK, this dashboard was designed with a formula to rate content via a content score reference. In doing so, we curated a specialised way to measure content and qualitative data to gauge onsite and social media engagement.

From there, the team focused on boosting social media posts on Facebook that were shown to garner strong engagement for the business. The amplification of these Facebook posts saw great improvement among targeted high-value audience groups and earned FloatPac a sizeable amount of leads.

This process streamlined the data reporting and showcasing for FloatPac, and created a path for the business to better understand the numbers that drive its sales qualification and marketing funnel.

Google AdWords Campaign Snapshot

January 2019

  • 17 %
    Search impression share increased by
  • 12 %
    Clicks increased by
  • 222 %
    Average click-through rate (CTR) increased by
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