Scope Involved
  • Lead grading and scoring

Automating the future with NTWRK

Serving all five continents of the world with their extensive expertise in the water treatment and waste management industry, SUEZ is a leading service provider for efficient and sustainable management of resources. With over 160 years of rich history, SUEZ was making waves in their industry long before we ever came onto the scene.

The leads SUEZ was getting each day were nothing to sniff at, of course. The powerhouse of a company was getting leads that matched the scale of their business. However, that meant their internal teams were struggling to find the most productive way of sorting through their generated leads and focusing on the quality ones. Their sales funnel needed a streamlined process between their marketing and sales teams.

That’s where NTWRK stepped in. We sat down and talked with SUEZ, to get a better understanding of what they do, how they do it, and where in their pipeline they needed a hand. Over time, we recognised that there was room for improvement in the way their sales team managed their lead grades and quality: they needed to implement lead qualification processes. They had the right numbers coming in, but to such a volume that the team couldn’t dedicate the amount of attention each lead rightly deserved.

To take this burden off their shoulders, we worked to identify an effective marketing strategy with processes to improve overall performance within their sales and marketing outreach. Pardot by Salesforce was just the thing for the job. As a comprehensive screening process for lead grading and scoring, Pardot had the right system to help SUEZ out.

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