Lead grading and scoring

Scope Involved
  • Lead grading and scoring

“Not all leads are equal.”

Leads without proper audience segmentation

Prior to partnering with NTWRK, SUEZ had a handle on gathering email addresses from their leads, but needed help understanding where they were in the sales funnel. The nature of the leads was unclear and therefore gathering the right kind of data from their customers to accurately engage them was difficult. Without proper audience segmentation processes put in place, SUEZ was missing out on securing the best possible leads from their engagement.

Laying the foundation the NTWRK way

In order to address SUEZ’s lack of lead qualification processes, we implemented an automated lead scoring and grading system via Pardot by Salesforce. With Pardot’s pre-existing scoring template as a blueprint, we created a customised grading and scoring system that filtered leads according to soft and hard leads. This grading and scoring system focused on:

  • Identifying all waste services campaign pages and organising them for lead scoring purposes.
  • Gathering all necessary and comprehensive data from leads.
  • Organising the digital footprints of leads in order to segment them according to the appropriate lead scoring and grading scale.

The lead grading we performed focused on helping our client understand the quality of their leads based on a preset grading system. After careful study of the email leads received by our client, we narrowed down key criteria to focus on, including:

  • Department
  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Company size

Different businesses in different industries need different categories of information from their leads, and to varying degrees of focus. With SUEZ, we identified the above categories as the ones most vital for the business to compile in order to deliver proper lead scoring and grading. In addition to this, we customised a lead scoring template to track the digital footprints of clients related to SUEZ’s digital assets. This helped the business understand the online behaviours of their clients to in turn get a better grasp of who was showing most interest in their business and how that affects the lead grading and scoring they do.

Once all the necessary data was tabulated and filtered, a customised Pardot rating system was implemented.

From there, SUEZ’s sales and marketing teams were able to focus their efforts on leads showing the highest propensity of engaging their services. And soft leads are by no means neglected either. By understanding their position in the funnel, SUEZ now also has the tools to properly nurture them into hard leads.

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