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    Taking your brand to the next level with social media

    It goes without saying that the success of your brand hinges on your social media presence. With NTWRK, we make sure you are always ahead in the social media space, allowing you to meet your business goals, every time.

    Proactive and reactive

    Everything happens instantaneously in the world of social media. By taking a proactive approach to social media management, we ensure you are tackling issues before they arise. With well-crafted responses, we also ensure you are reacting professionally and in a timely manner. The result is great customer experience that your audience will appreciate and remember.

    Great results through simplification

    Budgeting with social media channels can be a complex, time-consuming, and difficult task. At NTWRK, we simplify without compromising on results. We identify the channels that provide the best cost per conversion (CPC), so you know you are always doing what works.

    Optimise for the golden trifecta

    Being able to find the right mix of channels, respond swiftly, and anticipate your audience means your social media campaigns are always optimised for the golden trifecta: brand awareness, audience engagement, and quality lead generation.

    Connecting you the NTWRK way

    • Engagement building

      From delivering content in the format that your audience love to crafting captions that encourages conversation, we put attention to detail in everything we do on social media.

    • Content calendar planning

      There should never a dull moment on social media, and there never will. By creating a comprehensive content calendar, we make sure your brand is constantly speaking and delivering value to your audience.

    • Social media community management

      From a simple “Like” to providing solutions to customer enquiries, with NTWRK’s social media community management service, your audience will always get the undivided attention they deserve from your brand.

    • Content analytics and dashboard

      No jargons, sugar-coated results, and multiple reports – we configure and compile a reporting dashboard that focuses on giving you transparent and clear data in one place.

    Social media marketing strategies

    • Customer service

      Of course, customer service is one of the key ways we help build brand reputation. Customer service is the most direct engagement any brand can have with its audience, and we want to make sure that their experience with your brand is nothing but positive. We observe your customer service methods and make improvements towards anything from customer service strategies, response time, communication paths, and more.
    • Product launch

      Got a new product ready to drop soon? We’ll get the word out there. No matter the size of your product, we make sure it gets a big welcome and the hype it deserves when it drops onto the market. We’ll take care of public relations, social media accounts, and everything else in between. Hell, we’ll even try our best to get it going viral.
    • Corporate branding promotion

      Looking to rub shoulders with fellow companies? We’ll help you build the right connections with our corporate branding promotion service. If you’re looking to make more of a splash in the corporate world, we’ll make sure your brand is up to the task of standing toe-to-toe with the big boys on the market. We’ll take into account your corporate identity creation, brand positioning, brand collateral, and more.
    • Social media advertising

      When it comes to you brand, we make sure that your target audience doesn’t just hear about you through the grapevine. We create cost-effective advertising strategies that get your brand out there to your exact target audience through the most efficient social media platform. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or LinkedIn — we’ll get your brand out there.

    Process & activities

    Ready, player one? Let’s get a headstart on our battle plan.

    • Social media audit

    • Competitive analysis

    • Target audience identification

    • Curate, create, and engage

    • Track KPIs and measure success

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