5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Marketing A Success

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18 February 2019

With 3.196 billion social media users worldwide and a growing trend of 13% year-on-year, it’s undeniable that social media has become a crucial tool for growing your business. But you already know this. What you are looking for is way to be ahead in your social media marketing efforts. Here are five ways you can take your social media marketing to the next level.

Avoid ad blasting

It’s still a surprise that a lot of brands are content with flooding the social media space with noise by ad blasting content that are neither helpful nor relevant to a wide group of people.

It’s akin to force-feeding a person – not a great idea. What follows is usually a report using social media’s ad review features, flagging your ad as ‘harassment’, ‘misleading’, or ‘spam’. Worst of all, you’re flushing money down the drain, because a wider audience requires a bigger ad budget driving up your cost-per-lead.

The best thing you can do is to look back at your buyer’s persona and form a deeper understanding of them. How old are they? What are their hobbies? Where do they live? What is their preferred device?

Answering questions like these can help you target the right audience, making your ad more helpful and relevant. This results in better engagement and drives your costs down. Win-win.


You know you have the right ad targeted towards the right audience, but why isn’t it working?

This is where retargeting comes in. Even when you have all the right ingredients for a successful social media marketing campaign, the right people may not always respond. That is often due to one or a combination of these factors:

  • There’s still an emotional disconnect
  • They don’t see the value
  • They still need more reason
  • They are not ready to purchase

The purpose of retargeting is to address these problems that your initial ads posed. Consider a new angle, a new approach, or a new tone. Continuously test your ad until you hit a spot that nets you a good click-through rate.

Build a community

Most brands seem to forget that people love a sense of belonging. Building a community means you capitalise on a huge opportunity for your brand. The effects of a community are huge. It allows your brand to increase organic reach and gain loyal brand followers that can rally to your side during times of social media crisis. These reasons alone should make it one of the top things to prioritise when marketing on social media.

So, how do you build a community? Here are some things you can try:

Get on social media

Creating social media groups is a strong solution to creating deep bonds with your followers. It allows you keep communication lines open and provide exclusive perks such as members-only deals, promos, and content that your audience will find valuable.

Start Your Own Hashtag Movement

Starting your own hashtag movement nets you incredible advantages: you don’t get drowned out and you’re getting content specifically made for your brand. All you have to do is come up with a new hashtag and use it as your marketing slogan.

Run Games and Contests

The biggest advantage of running games and contests is that it triggers the competitive instinct of your audience. You can use this competitiveness to extend your brand presence and reach because participants do it for you.


Failing to respond to user comments is a big social media no-no, especially when you’re running a social media marketing campaign. Being silent means missing out on quality brand impressions and the chance to show your brand’s personality.

Acknowledge the people who leave positive comments with at least a thank you. This simple act amplifies the user’s positive experience and increases the likelihood of you turning them from a casual customer to a loyal one that will vouch for your brand. But responding to something nice is easy.

The real test of your brand character is in response to negative comments. Here too, being heard is important because it shows your audience that you are being genuine about providing a great customer experience. And that goes a long way in building your brand’s credibility. The most important to remember: never delete a negative comment!

Post regularly

Two of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, highly encourages business owners to regularly post content, preferably every day.

Daily posting helps your business get on more social newsfeeds, it increases the chance that you’ll emotionally connect with more users, and it also increases the chance of your content going viral.

As long as you keep your content helpful, relevant, and original, you are on your way to a successful social media marketing campaign. Now that you know how to make your social marketing efforts a success, it’s time to bring your brand to new heights.

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