Building Your Digital Presence

It’s important to establish your presence on any playing field you invest it. First impressions count for everything, and your brand’s first online impression makes or breaks your business. SEO is one of the many channels for you to reach your audiences through. It works to complement and amplify your brand’s campaigns, strengthening your digital presence.

SEO connects the facets of your brand in a myriad of ways. Most noteworthy is the way it delivers improvements to your website building process. Therefore, SEO is best utilised and executed during a business’ startup days.

Early integration of SEO in your business blueprint builds a website that meets the guidelines set by Google for optimised crawling and indexability.

Your digital presence relies on your brand’s ability to pop up in search engines with the right keyword optimisations and improved searchability. Here’s how SEO helps your brand.

A reinforced reputation

Reputation is one of the things SEO builds for a brand as well. Which brand do you trust: the one on the first Google page or the one on the second page? But let’s be honest — does anyone even check the second page? Your searchability comes from having a high level of crawlability and indexability within your content. As users move into an exclusively digital realm for their brand consumption, developing a strong search engine presence is vital. A strong focus on website optimisation — comprehensive About Us and Media pages — creates a level of trust in your brand.

A call for attention is the beginning of any startup business. A rigorous physical campaign and print advertising isn’t enough to build a buzz around your brand. It’s about building an online buzz that gets you the right kind of traffic you want. Bolstering campaigns with SEO creates a well-rounded and comprehensive experience.

It creates the building blocks for tapping into current trends of the industry that draws interest from potential leads. Strong SEO creates buzz by putting your campaign and brand at the forefront of social media and search engines.

Developing valuable content

Every brand’s goal is to stay on top of things. Whether it’s climbing the ranks against competitors or the Fortune Global 500, the only time a business aims for the bottom is with its bottom line. However, relevant content generation is hard to achieve without data. Valuable content is impossible without data. Built through thorough data research, insightful content that draws audience interest in makes it invaluable. Brand reputation stagnates when it produces daily content of little-to-no-value. In contrast, creating consistently insightful thought leadership pieces at regular intervals boosts it.

Channel diversity

Brand outreach is never isolated to a singular channel or platform. Today’s social media boom sees the growth of apps like SnapChat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and of course, Facebook. But not all platforms were made equal. SEO provides valuable insight into which social media platform to use and how best to capitalise through its channels for your brand. A close study on the data of these sites drives the focal point of the content and engagement your brand pushes, which varies by channel. Furthermore, SEO keeps you from relying too heavily on one channel to diversify your traffic sources.

At the end of the day, SEO is only as diverse as the methods you choose to use it. Its foundations remain in search engine optimisation, but its capabilities are best taken advantage of across a brand as a whole. Relevant data-bolstered content keeps brands on top of their game. Brands succeed through delivering on-trend content and even then — trends exist because the data tells us so. Integrating data into the decision-making processes of your brand smooths out the transitions it needs to make across its marketing channels.

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