Data Visualisation and Why It Matters

If content is the backbone of a business, then data is each vertebra that builds it. It is the key to sustainable growth and continuous innovation. Data isn’t just for the initiated, it’s for everyone at every tier of the business. It’s about making sure a business isn’t shooting in the dark with their marketing campaigns. As the building blocks of a business, the visualisation of data is almost as important as the data itself. 


Well, seeing is believing, after all. 

Turning complex information into simplified comprehension 

Excel sheets and Gantt charts don’t quite cut it anymore when it comes to data representation. Marketing data has taken a turn for the complex, and an interactive data visualisation tool gives you a clear view of all the data you need. It lends your business a strong sense of transparency when it comes to your data. A well-utilised data visualisation tool puts your data in terms that make sense to everyone at any tier of your business. No matter which end of the funnel you look at, data visualisation cuts out the guessing your business needs to do about where things work best and where they don’t. It’s about working smarter, not harder. 

No more guessing games 

One of data’s biggest roles in digital marketing is identifying what works with your audience and why. Understanding what your customers are looking for, and delivering a marketing campaign that appeals to their wants and needs starts from understanding the data. What drives conversion? Which campaign efforts generated the most leads? How do you replicate it? These are just some of the questions that studying the right metrics and gathering the right data can answer. A consistent study of the metrics means you get an understanding of patterns in your conversion funnel and customer buying process. Knowing why the numbers are the way they are means better planning and budgeting for the future. 

Connecting the dots between spend and won sales 

Increasing ROI is a key goal for all businesses. That goes without saying. Understanding where your brand is making the most revenue and how is vital to the longevity of your business, as it allows you to understand what trends need to be replicated in order to replicate its success. When combined with a CRM system, data visualisation tools can even help you automate the processes of your business. Precise data and a clear representation of numbers mean you’re understanding exactly where the connections are between the money you spend and the money you earn. 

Data visualisation = the new method of persuasion 

If for nothing else, then data visualisation gives you something solid to stand on when delivering reports and justifications for your business’ decisions. A clear-cut representation of facts and numbers means making smarter and quicker data-driven decisions. Numbers aren’t just for IT teams and accountants anymore; they’re becoming the backbone of decision-making processes for businesses across a broad range of industries. Standardising the way your business’ data is visualised and presented means you’re always one step ahead of your customers and competitors, and you’ll have the data to prove it.

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