Digital Marketing Ouroboros — Perpetual Innovation

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11 June 2019

Step aside, digital transformation — perpetual innovation is the way to go.  

In an ever-changing world, falling behind in the latest trends and popular culture is a risk for every business. As technology advances seemingly at the speed of light, there’s a constant demand for businesses and brands to deliver quality products and services that align with and take advantage of these changes. It’s not just about stepping into the digital world anymore — it’s about changing with it. 

 Think of a straight line vs a circle. Digital transformation is the straight line, and perpetual innovation is the circle. For businesses that strive to stay ahead of the competition in any industry, learning how to become a digital marketing ouroboros is key. 

Digital marketing ouroboros: assimilation and integration 

As the symbol of rebirth and an endless cycle, the Ouroboros is something that some might see as futile. However, within the context of digital marketing, establishing a cycle of death and rebirth in terms of your business’ marketing campaigns is a necessity for a thriving brand. The endless expectations of customers for the latest and greatest experiences, services, and products only continues to grow, and it’s up to your business to keep up. 

Take Apple, for example. This titan of a brand is best known for its revolutionary take on gadgets and technology, whether it be churning out a new iPhone every year, or delivering iOS updates on the daily. They graduated from being on their last legs to becoming one of the world’s largest tech giants. Apple’s success highlights the fact that it isn’t enough to just embrace digital transformation. 

But how does a business go about transitioning from one to the other? 

Out with static infrastructure, in with cloud platforms 

Staying dynamic is key to developing an environment for perpetual innovation. A hybrid IT environment is a prime factor for driving new innovative products and services. Its flexibility and scalable IT ecosystem mean it’s got what it takes to keep pace with change. Developing microservices and containers from within the cloud means fostering quicker development and deployment for each new feature. These are the building blocks for perpetual innovation. 

But as the saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Advancing from digital transformation to perpetual innovation via ‘The Cloud’ will undoubtedly come with some teething problems. However they can be overcome with minimal problems — provided that there is clear communication and visibility across all departments. Clear communication must be established with the IT teams of any business in order for them to prevent outages and reducing the impact of performance problems on their user experience. 

DevOps — the innovation architects 

Seeing as DevOps is already the convergence of two worlds, the implementation of this mindset within a business would certainly help ease the transition from digital transformation to perpetual innovation. Its agile and collaborative culture creates an environment where all teams and department are given a clear view of the bigger picture and what their shared goals are. 

A DevOps culture builds a business’ confidence in their code. It creates a single source of business truth and drives improvements within the cycle of innovation itself. A business can take it one step further with BizDevOps, which integrates employees from a broader range of business siloes into the mix. A wider net of employees being included in the DevOps conversation means your business gets a deeper and more comprehensive focus on innovation across an organisation. 

Taking that leap of faith 

When you talk about something ‘perpetual’, the lack of finality in it can prove to be nerve-wracking for some. Especially within a business environment where taking that leap of faith can end up backfiring on you. But in the context of perpetual innovation, it is a state of mind as much as it is a physical change of process. Changing the environment and work processes of your business is an important step, but so is having the right mindset. 

As they say, ‘fortune favours the bold’.

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