Digital Symbiosis: Is Your Digital Marketing Agency the Right Match for You?

When the Industrial Revolution hit in the mid-18th century, small businesses that weren’t prepared for the radical shift were forced to raise white flags. With the current rate of evolution today, it is akin to your own business. It is imperative to pull out all the stops when it comes to fortifying your brand’s online presence – that includes putting together a dream team able to manoeuvre their way across an everchanging marketing landscape. A recent Clutch survey found that a good 83% of companies believe a solid presence across digital platforms is crucial, as more and more consumers rely on technology for their needs. With specific values in mind, here’s how and why partnering with a digital marketing agency can help you win this technological battle.

Segmenting Audiences and Marketing Attribution

When you and your agency understand your objectives, the agency can effectively bridge the gaps in your marketing foundation. A crucial part of a quality strategy is advanced audience segmentation. Afterall, understanding behavioural change and shifts in trends across the intended audience are necessary when tailoring a brand-specific approach. This information becomes even more prevalent with mobile usage per business to business(B2B) worker expected to increase from two hours a day to three by 2020. That’s from a combination of growing smartphone users like the millennials, Gen Z and the older generations (Google). How then to capitalise on audience segmentation and expand on the information it provides? Marketing attribution, the other part required for conversion is your answer. It is a useful tool that helps to assign campaign influence – being responsible for the collation of raw data on which touchpoints a customer interacted with before making a purchase. There are many algorithms out there that can be customized by the agency. iProspect points out the efficacy of such a method: the typical outcome of implementing attribution is a 15 – 35% gain in media efficiency and corresponding increases in return of investment (ROI). These two factors work in tandem to generate awareness, engage with the consumers and most importantly, score quality leads.

Transparency in Reporting and Constant Optimisation

Presenting results transparently, without masking the ‘downs’, demonstrates integrity from an agency – and that they are invested in your growth. A plan with some unexpected bumps along the way could let you exploit loopholes you’d otherwise never find – constant optimisation at work. Dealing with success metrics (such as key performance indicators) are useful when tracking revenues or numerical growth. But more than just being able to decode 10-Ks with context for you, your agency sets realistic goals for these metrics so the numbers evolve with each solution.

Channelling Effort down the Right Funnels

Armed with data and empirical strategies after a trial campaign period, you can channel all effort into leading digital platforms that fit your aims. Where traditional media falters in providing you concrete measurable data, the digital world is flooded with the constant influx of information. Digital marketing agencies have an arsenal of reliable tools to track impressions, like click through rates (CTRs), cost per mile (CPM)s, cost per click (CPCs), cost per lead (CPLs) and conversion rates (CVRs) which makes adaptation to tweak digital ads, upgrade website landing pages and work with search engine optimization (SEO). 7% of companies investing in SEO will, for example, see a difference in revenue. According to HubSpot, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. There’s also the matter of content creation which has the potential to capture their fleeting attention – the agency will once again see this matter through and streamline your content. 96% of B2B customers want content from industry-thought leaders to inform their buying decisions (HubSpot).

Complementing Internal Resources

MindBody, a cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry with a 2016 revenue of USD$ 139 million, invested 40% of their revenue into sales and marketing, which resulted in 37% growth year-over-year (Vital Design). According to a CMO survey, dedicated marketing teams can spearhead revenue growth at 38.4%. Pair them up with a resourceful digital marketing agency and you’ve got yourself strategists equipped to handle the changing tides of the marketing landscape.

Your chosen digital marketing agency will always be assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans and using innovative techniques to keep you ahead, while maximizing revenue – earning every cent you’ve spent when making an educated decision to rope them in. Ipso facto, forming a symbiotic relationship between your marketing team and digital marketing agencies that have the quintessential subject matter experts, will not only sustain your brand for the long haul, but will ultimately go beyond achieving your marketing goals.

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