Dynamic Acquisitions — McDonald’s Steps Into The Future

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26 May 2019

McDonald’s has been in the limelight in recent years for its adoption of automated kiosks in place of cashiers, and this transition has earned them waves of both praise and criticism by the public. Despite the initial protests, McDonald’s has dedicated itself to moving forward into a future of innovation and automation. Having already distributed self-service kiosks to outlets around the world, McDonald’s is taking great measures to show the world just how serious they are about staying ahead of the game. 

Enter Dynamic Yield. 

Into the Future — Dynamic Interactions 

In its own words, Dynamic Yield (DY) is an ‘AI-powered omnichannel personalisation platform’. DY drives solutions that focus on optimising and personalising the customer experience as much as possible. Serving over 600 million users across top tier brands around the world each month, DY clearly has the power to walk the walk as much as they talk the talk. In the hands of a powerhouse like McDonald’s, this reported $300 million purchase will change the way we look at Drive-Thru. A visit to DY’s website demonstrates just how real they are about tailoring personalised experiences for their customers, utilising any and all data available to them. 

Note the portions underlined in teal. Creepy? A little. 

Incredibly personalised and a clever utilisation of easily acquired data from public IP address information? Definitely. 

Dynamic Yield delivers quality results with the combined strength of a ‘unified repository for data with tools to activate personalised interactions across web, apps, and email’. Through adoption of their tech, the realm of automation and personalisation converge to create a future for the McDonald’s Drive-Thru experience like never seen beforeMcDonald’s has a history of integrating process automation and IT into their business decisions, with this latest acquisition being one of the largest and most visible steps they’ve made in the past 20 years. 

Amazon 2.0 or as close as they can get 

Integrating IT and process automation isn’t anything new within the F&B industry. The way today’s restaurants run is vastly different from the good old days of yesteryear. There aren’t women in rollerskates delivering orders to your car window, but there might be robots whirring up to your table. 

McDonald’s isn’t looking to set up an I, Robot-type situation in their branches yet, but they’re certainly looking towards creating a more customised Drive-Thru experience for their customers. Once a customer places an order, its automated system pulls up a list of recommended items frequently paired with the meal of choice. 

Think of it as Amazon, but for food. 

While McDonald’s has already implemented this with their online delivery service and mobile app, Dynamic Yield strives to take it to the next level by personalising each order to the individual making it. 

The Future of Drive-Thru, Today 

Businesses around the world have embraced the use of IT in their everyday processes. No matter the industry, automation and personalisation have rapidly become the direction through which innovation is achieved. With today’s generation leaning more towards self-service options and mobile app function as opposed to face-to-face interactions, it’s inevitable that businesses follow suit. 

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