Getting The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Agency

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14 February 2019

When it comes to choosing an agency for your digital marketing processes, it goes without saying that it’s important to find someone with the same goals in mind. It’s more than just finding someone you can trust; it’s about finding someone transparent, data-driven, and a firm-belief in being customer-centred.

The agency you choose should also reflect your business, and it should be an agency that doesn’t take shortcuts. They should be as dedicated as your business about growing your bottom line. These values are the key towards building the dream relationship for your business.

What do you look for in a digital marketing agency?

Well, for starters; look for an agency with a belief in holistic marketing. When an agency practices holistic marketing, they take into account your business and all its parts as a single entity. By doing this, the right agency should be able to drive a shared purpose across every section of your business to achieve your goals. They don’t just focus on creating an online presence for your business, but they’ll be ready to handle the trials and tribulations of your brand identity, reputation, customer journey, and everything else in between.

Data-driven results

A good digital marketing agency should be outcome-driven throughout the entire campaign of your brand. It’s one thing to create predictions and expectations, but it’s another thing altogether to put words into actions to get results.

The right agency should be flexible and forward-thinking with making alterations to your brand campaign to match data-driven results. Forbes found that 57% of businesses reported a measurable increase in ROI from their data-driven campaigns as opposed to their non-data-driven campaigns.

Having adopted a data-driven approach to achieving results, it is equally important that your agency has a culture of being transparent with those results. Wins should be celebrated while losses should be communicated, examined, and optimised for greater positive results.

Focus on offline sales

A good digital marketing agency shouldn’t focus solely on your business’ online presence. An online presence makes up for only a fraction of a business’ focus and sales, and the right agency should know how to translate their digital marketing practices to offline sales.

According to Accenture, 88% of consumers are researching goods and services online before engaging businesses at their physical stores. Finding a digital marketing agency with the know-how to drive sales conversions across online and offline platforms is key to building your brand reputation.

Customer-centred marketing

As your business delves into the realm of driving customer loyalty and ROI, employing a digital marketing agency with a keen eye for customer-centred strategies allows your business to create the foundations of a smooth and well-rounded customer journey map.

A strong customer-centred campaign allows your brand to leave a solid impression on its target audience to drive customer retention and loyalty in the long-run while creating a laser focus on the analytics behind customer buying behaviour.

Long story short: your digital marketing agency should focus its strategies on driving value and results for your business and its customers.

Capitalising on opportunities and automation

You want someone who has the “one more thing” factor. The digital marketing agency your business partners with should be looking one step ahead towards smarter solutions that drive results. That means understanding the importance of capitalising on opportunities for process automation to standardise, measure, and optimise your business efforts.

They should be able to study the data and analytics of your brand and customer behaviour in order to guide you towards partnerships and automation tools that your business would benefit most from.

These key attributes are just some of the ways your business can make the most of a digital marketing agency. If you’re looking for someone with a knack for looking ahead, planning ahead, and championing data analytics, NTWRK might be just the thing you’re looking for.

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