Taking high end brands to low brow roads

BP and David Jones. On so many levels it’s an odd partnership for the DJ brand, yet on so many levels, it’s a clever marketing move.

From a customer qualification perspective, it works brilliantly for the high end DJ brand. It provides the opportunity to combine premium with functionality and carries experiential touchpoints over into the online space, with the promise of increased sales. And that means saving the dying department store.  

Making high end brands accessible can be a key strategy in a successful partnership, yet it is one that is often questioned

We’ve seen the outcomes of brands like adidas collaborating with Stella McCartney, Aldi partnering with Collette Dinigan and Uniqlo working with US artist, KAWSThese creations sent buyers into a frenzy, resulting in massive sales increases and corresponding spikes in brand awareness. All because it simply comes down to an accessible high end and highly desirable product. 

Yet, whenever we hear of a premium label combining forces with an everyday brand, we question why and whether it can possibly do damage to perception. But with the results we’ve seen from these brands, maybe we should be asking – why not?  

While the DJ and BP partnership isn’t about to send shoppers into a frenzy over $13 roast chickens, it does go a long way towards customer qualification. Not only does it mean you can enjoy a premium product, you also get a brand experience that spills over into the online world. 

This partnership represents the opportunity to create brand awareness and interest, at the beginning of your customer journey. Walking in, buying your sandwich and walking out, then becomes the next stage of the journey; the middle of the funnel.

Scrolling seems to go hand in hand with eating – while you’re on your lunch break, after dinner, enjoying a 3pm treat with your coffee. If you’re sitting in a department store, or just left one with dinner in hand, it is that brand that’s likely to spring to mind as you remember you’re going to the races on Saturday and don’t have an outfit sorted.  

With the likes of data insights, automation and brand awareness, this clever partnership presents the opportunity to capitalise on where a customer is at in the buying journey – nurturing leads that are set to convert.

With BP already running a successful partnership in the UK with department store Marks & Spencer and the David Jones’ Parent company Woolworths Holdings pairing with the South African oil company Engen, this really can’t be anything but successful for the department store, the humble service station or the customer.  

Through customer qualification, the premium DJ brand will continue on with a greater understanding of the customer, their journey, and over time, their experience. Taking the David Jones brand to more accessible locations means not just extra roast chickens, but greater touchpoints and human connection throughout the customer journey.

And who can possibly say either of those things are bad for business?  

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