Vision 2020: What we have our eyes on this year

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13 January 2020

The digital landscape is a fast-growing and ever changingThere is nway to avoid other than to stay on top of it – which our experts always do. Here, they take us through what they see in store for 2020: 

Wes Fischer, Chief Executive Officer

While marketing budgets may get tighter (do more with less), businesses will see their data strategy budget double this year. The cost of getting data wrong is becoming more costly.   

At NTWRK, we are digital consultants who already put data first to deliver the best customer experience. We are continually looking at new ways to unlock and enrich data, particularly through customer data platforms (CDPs). 

Garreth Dorey, Chief Customer & People Officer

“We live in a time where consumers want to make purchases from brands that reflect their political, social and environmental beliefs. And brands are starting to respond to that. We will see brands move away from pure financial goals and pricing sensitivities in favour of brands that have and can articulate their vision around sustainability, climate change, mental health and flexible work-life for their employees. 

At NTWRK, we help our clients understand what is important to their customers and how that fits in with the values of their brand and business. Through our Customer Experience Workshop, we uncover the important touchpoints and the messages that best align to their customers’ problems.” 

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Yee Wei Lok, Head of Digital Strategy

“I think we will see businesses investing more in an AI-optimised customer journey profiling and audience data clustering. Understanding the integrated customer journey, both online and offline, through an AI-powered scoring model will be crucial to achieving higher engagement and conversion rates. 

The NTWRK team are continually working towards deepening our understanding of lead scoring and grading, audience clustering and the marketing automation journey.” 

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Paul Bonacci, Head of Strategy and Design

“In terms of design, I think the era of dark mode is upon us. Last year we saw apps and operating systems all going dark – so websites are next. Dark mode is sleeker and easier on the eyes. It’s also a great backdrop for bringing out design elements like gradients and 3D graphics. 

At NTWRK, we’ve always created websites for our customers that look and feel ahead of the curve but still provide the best customer experience. Getting that balance is where our expertise lies.” 

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Natalie Wilson, Head of Brand and Public Relations

“Interactive content marketing is where I would put my money. Things like quizzes, polls and filters. These kinds of content work because they provide the audience with value and connection. They’re great at keeping the audience entertained and engaged, meaning they do the hard work of generating conversions and sales for you. 

At NTWRK, our content marketing strategy is all about delivering quality content to the audience so your business can grow. Our team of writers and designers can whip up interactive infographics and animations for your website or social media platforms.” 

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